​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​GOLD NUGGET CHAPTER 24


​                                                Almond Tree RV Park, Chico, CA. April 2024

Monday. Our first day of camping and we were greeted with a few rain showers. Doug & Molly prepared an evening meal of hot dogs, potato salad and baked beans. Evening games completed our Monday.
Tuesday Phil started our day for us getting the coffee ready early in the morn. Pastries were also available to munch on.
Some of the folks signed up to play golf while others stayed around camp for the day. Everyone brought heavy munchies for evening snacks. Most folks made this their evening meal. Evening games completed our day again.
Wednesday morning was a free morning for all. In the afternoon we departed for a tour of the Bidwell Mansion, home of John & Annie Bidwell. A beautiful 3-story – 26 room home. Mr. Bidwell helped layout the town of Chico as he was one of the first to arrive in the area. A nice potluck dinner completed our evening.
Thursday our tour for the day was the Satava Art Class showroom. Our group was given the grand tour of how art glass pieces are produced. Handblown jelly fish are a favorite of the Satava showroom. Many very talented artists work in the studio. Very interesting to see how these items are created. A MUST SEE IF YOU ARE IN THE AREA. Satava showroom address is 819 Wall St., Chico, CA.
Dinner out on Thursday evening at Casa Ramos Mexican restaurant.
Friday was our day to head on home for most. A few folks stayed an extra day or two. Looking forward to our May campout at Little Bear RV Park in Blairsden, CA.

​                                                       Flag City RV Park, Lodi, CA. - Feb./March 2024

Our first campout of 2024. It was a wet, rainy campout at times. We had 10 rigs join us in our cool, rainy weather. Lucky for us we had a clubhouse to accommodate our needs. Nice visiting with our campers for the first time this season.
Our events included a cheese tasting at Cheese central. There was a lot to learn about cheese at this event. We had a visit to Heaven's Gate Vineyard  put on by our hosts. A nice dinner at the Golden Ox Restaurant followed the same day.
A visit to Olson Olive Oil Company followed the next day. Kept us busy and in between we had lot's of munchies and a nice potluck dinner to boot. A good time had by all! 

​                                                                McCloud RV Park - September 2023

Monday we were greeted by our Hosts Bob & Gerry and Steve & Cindy. We had a nice size group of folks at our rally. We also welcomed several new members to our group. Always nice to see new faces. Our hosts prepared a Monday dinner for us that included pulled pork sandwiches.
Tuesday we were served muffins by our host before heading out on our trip to the waterfalls. Our first stop was the lower, middle & upper falls at McCloud falls. After visiting the McCloud falls, we headed on down the road to Burney Falls.  Stopped there to have our lunch and then we were on our way back to camp. We snacked on munchies in the afternoon.
Wednesday we had a nice fruit bowl to munch on in the morning. Each camper brought a cup of fruit to make our fruit bowl. The rest of our day was free to explore the area. The evening dinner was a “potluck.” Lots of food to share with each other.
Thursday we had pastries to munch on. Then we were on our way to Mount Shasta Sisson Museum and State Fish Hatchery. The Sisson Museum was very interesting a well thought out museum.  Lots of fish jumping at the fish hatchery. Dinner out was at Black Bear Diner…
Friday most of us packed up and were on our way home. A few folks stayed an extra day to visit.  Our October camping trip will be at Feather Falls RV Park in Oroville. Hope to see you there!  

                                                                    Bodega Bay Rally – July 2023

Monday - We arrived at Bodega Bay RV Park on Monday afternoon. We had a few hours of sunshine before our hosts (Doug, Mollie & Judy) prepared our dinner for us. Hamburgers & hot dogs were served along with potato salad.
The evening cooled quickly. We changed from our summer shorts and very hot weather in Sacramento (108) to long pants and cooler weather in Bodega Bay (65-70).
Tuesday - Coffee and donuts were available in the clubhouse. A tour of U.C. Davis marine laboratory and research facility was our outing for the day. Docents were waiting for us when we arrived. We were divided into to 2 groups to take our tour of the facility. There were so many interesting things to learn while we were there. 
So much of our ocean’s resources have diminished and this facility is finding ways to help replenish both the marine animal and vegetation. Kelp has declined 90% in Northern California. Sea urchins feed of the kelp. Abalone is no longer available in the area. The lab is breeding and trying to restore some of our sea life such as abalone. A very interesting tour and a real "eye" opener to some of us. 
Wednesday - Coffee & donuts were served. Everyone was on their own to do what they would like today. We had a nice potluck Wednesday evening. Games were played by all in the evening.
Thursday – Coffee & donuts. Folks got together and drove to Fort Ross. Originally built by Russians in 1812 Fort Ross became a state park in 1909. It was a foggy day that turned to sunshine just in time to enjoy a picnic lunch together.
Friday- Some of us had to pick up and head home while others stayed to enjoy a dinner out at the Fisheterian Fish Market.

Almond Tree RV Park, Chico, CA. - March 2023

A few members of the Escapees Gold Nugget Chapter 24 arrived on a rainy Sunday.  

Monday the rest of our group joined us for a total of 20 rigs. Folks were welcomed with a Monday evening dinner of hot dogs, potato salad and baked beans. Oh, and don’t forget all the oranges we had for dessert! Thanks, Phil & Charlie. Evening games completed our Monday.
Tuesday morning we had fresh donuts from a local bakery with nice hot coffee. Then we were on our way to our first outing of the week. We arrived at local action news station KHSL a bit before noon. We were greeted by Aaron and introduced to the folks that work behind the scenes at the station. Action News at Noon was getting ready for their broadcast. We watched the “live” broadcast right on set. Very interesting. Lots of preparation and good timing to doing a news broadcast. We had afternoon games. Lots of rain and thunder joined us.
Wednesday was a kick back and relax day.  Muffins, donuts & coffee in the morning. A General Meeting was held. We played “Bean Bag Baseball” in the afternoon.  The gals tried  their hardest but the guys prevailed in the end. Just wait until next time. : ) Everyone pitched in for  afternoon munchies and for most of us that was our dinner.
Thursday morning was a repeat of Wednesday. Our tour for today was in the early morning at the Chico Air Museum. Upon arrival we were greeted by a volunteer who gave us a guided tour of the museum. Lots of history and aircraft to see and learn about. Our evening was dinner at the Rice Bowl restaurant. Staff was very friendly and the food was excellent. We played games again in the evening.
Friday, homeward bound we are!

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